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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is used to effectively reduce breast size and improve breast shape in individuals with very large, problematic breasts. It is particularly effective in reducing the back and shoulder ache and skin irritation commonly associated with large breast size. Patients may subsequently feel more comfortable wearing a wider range of clothing and find it easier to undertake vigorous exercise.

There are a number of techniques available depending on breast size and the individual requirements of the patient. It usually results in a scar around the nipple, a short vertical scar below and often a horizontal scar hidden in the fold under the breast.

During the procedure excess skin and a portion of the breast tissue and fat are removed. The nipples and remaining breast tissues are then re-shaped to produce a smaller breast with an improved, lifted shape.

Breast reduction is performed under general anaesthetic with a one or two-night stay. The dressings are changed at one week post-operatively and a sports bra is worn until 6 weeks post-operatively.

Patients usually return to work after two weeks and to sporting activities after one month.

Further discussion of the types of reduction surgery available will be discussed at consultation.