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Mastopexy (Breast Uplift)

Mastopexy is a technique used to lift the breast and produce a more attractive, fuller shape following descent which can occur with aging or following pregnancy and breast-feeding.

A number of techniques are utilized to lift, reposition and reshape the breast to produce a more attractive, youthful breast shape. It can be utilised together or concurrently with breast augmentation to increase breast volume in addition to improving shape if required.

The particular pattern of incisions vary with technique but usually consist of a scar around the nipple and a short vertical scar below which settle over time. The excess skin is excised, the nipple lifted to a higher level and the breast tissue reshaped to produce a fuller, rounder breast, higher on the chest wall.

It requires a short general anaesthetic either as a day-case or an overnight stay. The dressings are changed at one week post-operatively and a sports bra is worn until 6 weeks post-operatively.

Patients usually return to work after two weeks and to sporting activities after one month.

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