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With aging the skin of the neck loses its elasticity and tends to sag. The tone and support of the longitudinal, band-like platysma muscles in the neck is reduced and they tend to sag also producing “platysma bands”. An excess of fat may also collect below the jawline and together with the laxity of the skin and muscles the definition of the neck angle and jawline is obscured.

This can be corrected either as part of a facelift or as a separate procedure. Excess fat is removed by liposuction and the descent of the platysma muscles is corrected. This is performed either as part of a facelift or as a separate procedure (platysmaplasty) in which the bands are divided and resutured across the midline to recreate the neck angle definition. In this case a separate incision is used hidden below the chin. Excess skin is excised using an incision around the ear and in the hairline.

A general aneasthetic is used and an overnight stay required.


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