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Scar Revision:

Prominent or Poorly-healed Scars:

Scars on the face or other areas of the body may be prominent or bothersome for a variety of reasons. The initial repair may not have been performed in the most accurate manner or have used the finest suture material. The wound may have become infected, stretched or the stitches left in for too long. The direction of the scar may not be ideal for optimal wound healing.

As scars heal initially they are red, inflamed and prominent, especially in fair-skinned or red-haired individuals and the young. They undergo a process of maturation over a period of 18 months after which they become much paler, flatter and less prominent.

Often conservative scar treatment alone is sufficient to improve the scar’s appearance adequately. This involves massage of the scar with silicone gel or cream to flatten and soften the scar and aid its maturation.

Where the initial repair has not been satisfactory, or complicated by infection or other problems, excision and resuture of the scar may produce an improved result over time.  Other techniques such as altering the direction of the scar may also improve its appearance. Larger or more complex scars may benefit from serial excision of portions of the scar using several procedures over a number of months to improve scar appearance. 

Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars

Abnormally stretched and prominent scars are termed hypertrophic. Where they are wider and also raised or thickened they are termed keloid. Fair and red-haired individuals and particularly Asian and Afro-Caribbean patients are prone to developing this condition.

The mechanism is unknown but is thought to involve over-vigorous wound-healing mechanisms.

A number of treatments are available to improve these scars. These include a series of injections with steroid, excision and steroid injection and compression with silicone gel sheets.

Split Earlobe Repair

Split earlobes are common and usually result from the long-term use of heavy pierced earrings. They can occasionally follow trauma.

Split earlobes can be repaired in a straight-forward manner under a short local anaesthetic.