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Breast Reconstruction:

TRAM / DIEP  Free - Flap

The TRAM and DIEP flaps, utilizing abdominal skin and fat as a free-flap, provide the breast reconstruction with the most natural feel. They also avoid the use of implants, which usually require exchange in future years.

Spare lower abdominal tissue is transferred from the lower abdomen to the chest using microsurgical transfer techniques and sculpted to form the new breast on the chest wall. The abdominal donor site is closed in a similar manner to an abdominoplasty.

The operative and recovery times are usually longer compared to other procedures.

Nipple Reconstruction and Surgery to Produce Breast Symmetry

Nipple reconstruction is performed at least 3 months following the initial reconstructive procedure. The new nipple is recreated using a small flap of skin from the surface of the reconstructed breast. The new areola is created by tattooing the surrounding skin.

Surgery to lift the normal breast and match the reconstructed side for size and shape is usually required at the same stage.

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